During The Amulet project’s first phase, the artist Marie Brett undertook considerable research at a variety of organisations and institutions throughout Ireland and the UK.  This was in parallel to the research project she led at Cork University Maternity Hospital (2009-2011).


Oxford University Pitt Rivers Museum

A key institution which informed the artist’s research was Oxford University Pitt Rivers Museum, which houses an extensive collection of anthropology and world archaeology including the international Adrien de Mortillet’s amulet collection.  The artist spent time with various staff at the museum, researching and handling a variety of amulets.  Later the museum inclusded one of the artist’s artworks in their Small Blessings project/exhibition.

‘The underlying theme that unites all amulets and charms is that the people who create and use them believe in them; almost any object may become a charm or an amulet, so long as someone believes it has the power to affect or alter the world around them… The amulets and charms on display at the Pitt Rivers Museum are material evidence of the hopes and beliefs that are shared by all of humankind.’

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University College Cork, Cork Folklore Project / Cork City and County Archives

The artist also spent considerable time in research at University College Cork, Cork Folklore Project, exploring their extensive audio and photographic archives.  Additionally she spent time at the Cork City and County Archives, exploring written and visual materials relating to various governmental, health and religious institutional archives.

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Cork Folklore Project

Cork City and County Archives