An Exhibition by Marie Brett


Galway Arts Centre

1-29 August 2014


photography by Reg Gordon


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Comments following Anamnesis at Galway Arts Centre

“An exhibition of art that explores an immensely meaningful and worthwhile subject. Nothing like I’ve seen before.”

“Profoundly moving.”

“Beautiful, tender, touching work. Gorgeously presented down to the last detail. Once I started listening, I had to listen to each one, somehow the integrity and vulnerability of the work demanded that each woman’s story and sharing be listened to and heard.”

“The most moving thing I have experienced in my life.”

“Very authentic.”

“I am the oldest of two. This made me think about the older sibling my parents didn’t get to have.”

“An emotional and challenging experience. Really beautiful.”

“Thought provoking exhibition on infant loss, very touching and genuine. It’s even disturbing an eerie at times – wow. I would love to attend a similar exhibition seen from men’s perspective and/or in the context of an older child. Keep up the good work.”

“This is a beautiful, honest and raw exhibition.”

“It is good that we are not forgotten in our grieving days.”

“Exquisite and tender. A deeply moving portrayal of the suffering of loss and longing – so much part of human life (and death).”

“Beautiful exhibition that has given me lots to think about.”

“Beautiful and though provoking. An honor to silent Mothers everywhere.”

“ Working with you on the Amulet has been an adventure, a challenging journey and a privileged space. Thank you for your frankness and honesty and for the beautiful space this Amulet now holds to honor our children’s lives.”