An Exhibition by Marie Brett


The Index Gallery, Waterford Central Library

23 April – 3 May 2013


The Index Gallery, Waterford Central Library Website



Comments following Anamnesis at The Index Gallery Waterford Central Library

 “About bloody time that an inclusive multidisciplinary piece like this has reached the library, the simplicity and extremely careful thought out nature of it is wonderful – bravo.”

 “Fabulous idea and concept for the voiceless.”

“Very moving and powerful exhibition. Loved it.”

“Living Loving Loosing + learning to laugh and love again.”

“I feel very silly at the moment crying after 34 years after loosing my little boy Gregory … Thankyou you approached the subject very well.”

“What an important exhibition.”

“It was very moving. I lost my litle boy 3 years ago. Its nice to have something to remind us …”

“Lovely idea. Lost a couple of babies, stays with you always.”

“What an exhibition. So full of courage and integrity. Really reminded me of my brother who lives for 2 days over 45 years ago and I never saw. Thankyou all for sharing and helping me honour my brother. I was 7 at the time.”