An Exhibition by Marie Brett


Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co. Cork

7 March – 1 April 2013


Sirius Arts Centre Website



Comments following Anamnesis exhibition at Sirius

“An exhibition of art that explores an immensely meaningful and worthwhile subject. Nothing like I’ve seen before.”

“Thank you. One doesn’t feel so alone.”


“An extraordinary exhibition created by an extraordinary artist.”


“Powerful stuff.”


“A very intimate and personal experience listening and looking at the photographs/images. I love the look and feel of the materials – it works well with the poignant subject matter. I hope many people can experience the exhibition and it tours nationally and beyond. Thankyou to all for your courage in sharing.”


“The stories are moving and honest. Brave women. Marie show great warmth and compassion.”


“It leaves a lot for me to ponder on my journey home … such a poignant, emotive project.”


“Or me it brought back the loss of our child, which I had forgot, thinking what that child would have been like now. This exhibition is long overdue.”


“Such a powerful show.”


“Hopefully women will be able to grieve and speak openly as a result of this work.”


“Very moving and comforting.”


“I am from South Korea. Here is beautiful memory for me”.